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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the italian guy...oy vay

Here is the link...check it out...very funny!

Here it is in on...enjoy!

Poor guy...all he wanted was a piss....i mean a "piece" of toast....and a shit....ehem....a did i forget to mention a fuck...sorry i meant a...uh...fork next to his plate! lol!

One day I gonna to Malta to a big hotel, in the morning I go down to eat a breakfast. I tell the waitress that I want two pieces of toast. She brings me only one piece. I tell her "I wanna two pieces". She say "Go to the toilet". I say "you don't understand, I wanna two pieces on my plate". She say to me: "you better not piss on the plate, you sonnawabitch". I do not even know this lady and she call me a sonnawabitch !!
Later I go to eat at a bigger restaurant. The waiter brings me a spoon and a knife but no fork. I tell her "I wanna a fork" and she tell me: "everyone wanna f@?k ". I tell her "you don't understand me... I wanna fork on the table". She say: "you better not f@?k on the table you sonnawabitch" .

So I go back to my room in my hotel and there is no sheets on the bed. I call the manager and tell him "I wanna a sheet". he tell me to go the toilet. I say "you don't understand I wanna a sheet on my bed". He say: "you better not shit on the bed, you sonnawabitch".

I go to the Check out and the man at the desk said "peace on you", and I say: "Piss on you too, you sonnawabicth". I gonna back to Italy !


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